Our Story

Jigmat Couture Studio is located in Ladakh (4000-5300 meter above sea level). Ladakh lies embedded in the mountains of karakoram in the north-west, the Himalaya in the south-west and the Trans Himalaya at its core. The mighty river Indus originating from the interior of Tibet is predestined to flow right through the centre of Ladakh. The region is rich in livestock such as yak, goat, sheep and camel from which some of the finest and exquisite quality of wool and pashmina are extracted.

Jigmat Couture was founded in 2010, following two years of research on possibilities of woolen textile in traditional weave as marketable product; though weaving was not unknown to Ladakh, however there were limitation and constraints in term of weave, design and innovation. Hence the basic objective of Jigmat Couture was to explore possibilities and to create valuable products for luxury market.

Jigmat , founder Jigmat Couture was convinced during research and development phase about the distinctive characteristics of Ladakhi wool such as its fineness, splendid texture and longer fiber length which makes it all the more favorable owing to terrains extreme cold climatic conditions.

Way back in 2008, the Jigmat duo along with few artisans got in the road with creation of local woolen textile (snam-bu) and eventually came out with beautifully textured, warm and durable products, the outcome was beyond expectation. It was time to launch Jigmat Couture.

Wool has long been recognized as an integral part of Ladakhi culture since the people of this region have a natural inclination towards spinning and weaving. An ancestral legacy, that we at Jigmat Couture take pride in carrying on with hand weaving and spinning our textile in traditional method.

As a brand, each and every member of Jigmat Couture takes the pride and credibility of upholding high standard quality, tradition and sustainability of our exquisite product developed from the finest textiles and varied range of wools, especially hand woven and spun by local artisans of Ladakh.

The Jigmat duo with panache has wholeheartedly devoted their profession in promoting art, craft and culture of Ladakh. Jigmat Couture stands as an example of sustainable community based business model, pays utmost respect to Ladakhi art and tradition, while generating local economy thereby absorbing skills of immensely talented artisans from remote corners of the region. The endeavour is to retain an umbilical connection with the huge talents resource of Ladakh’s mysterious craft and culture.